Dark Angel: The Path to Destiny#1 (German) 2000

CHF 40.00

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The ultimate Japanese sword and sorcery tale brought to you by CPM and Kia Asamiya (creator of Steam Detectives and Silent Mobius)! DARK ANGEL has been one of the hottest manga in Japan for years. Now, in this first graphic novel, American readers can experience it all in its glory! This is the story of Dark, a young swordsman, and his quest to find the truth about his past. In this first all-action graphic novel, Dark is put to his final test by his master, to determine if he is finally ready to embark on his own. Then we follow Dark’s travels to the forbidden Eastern Territory of the Four Winds where he faces Chao, the beautiful ex-lover of his late master… Mr. Asamiya’s artwork is stunning and has never been more beautifully rendered. Not to be missed! Original Story and art by Kia Asamiya! ALL AGES MANGA!

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